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IELTS Writing Sample

Does working at home with the modern technology benefit to workers or employers.

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Many employees may work at home with the modern technology. Some people claim that it can benefit only the workers, and does not benefit employers at all. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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During the time, with the help of advances in the field of technology, people’s lifestyles have undergone a lot of changes on an unprecedented scale. So too have their sorts of jobs. Notwithstanding the fact that a multitude of people show a big preference to have careers at home, some of them are of the opinion that remote working would bring a number of advantages for staff members, as opposed to employers. I assert that, working far away would be an effective deterrent against making breakthroughs in business.

First of all, it is an irrefutable fact that employees for better or worse have this tendency to secure a decent job, no matter they whereabouts. Indubitably, it would be safe to assume that people find working at home far more preferable than working at the office, for obvious reasons. For instance, they do not have to squander a huge amount of their time and energy commuting to and from their workplaces, or being under the watchful and stern eye of a supervisor. Second of all, albeit the aforementioned merit of having these kinds of jobs, the one would not be able to stand a much better chance of climbing up the corporate ladder. In fact, the chance of promotion which can act as an incentive for them would be slim to none. As a result, sooner or later, those employees who have not promotional opportunities more likely find their jobs irksome and are prone to become jobless. This is what that employees should reflect on before arriving at decisions, whether remote working would be tailored to suit their needs and wants or not.

On the flip side, remote working can bring a handful of merits for employers. First and foremost is to foresee the space for staff members, items of equipment, facilities and so forth. With the help of faraway working, the space will considerably diminish. This means by doing so, the company executives are not obliged to work through issues related to investing in renting an office. Thus, incredibly, the disproportionate amount of money could be set aside for business purposes. A good case in point would be stepping up their game in an international scale, or going public on stock markets to sell their shares. Consequently, they will be able to reap the benefits and to quadruple their revenues. It is worth pointing out that, these kinds of jobs lack rigid controls and employees can be distracted and affected by their surroundings. The more permissiveness employers, the more counterproductive responses they will end up receiving.

All in all, the bright and the dark side of working at home for the staff and employers have been discussed alike. Although workers have a burning desire to work at home for manifold reasons, there is very little likelihood of moving up the hierarchy, and then maintaining the unemployment status would be inevitable. By and large, it seems likely offering remote jobs has more disadvantages than advantages for employers. Renting buildings for the staff apart, which happens to be prohibitively expensive, a number of less control-related problems might crop up.

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IELTS Writing Sample

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